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Why "Ugly Betty" Will Never Go Out of Style

(Photo above does not belong to me) I can recall in the back of my mind moments of hearing about "Ugly Betty"(2006) in high school hallways, waiting rooms, and family gatherings. It was a show that I heard on radio reviews and television commercials. "Ugly Betty" slowly became one of those shows that many people talked about, but I never had the opportunity to watch. I was only 11 when this show premiered and now watching it as a 28-year-old, I honestly believe that "Ugly Betty" is still relevant today . The characters are just as lovable and equally loathsome. The storyline, twists, and turns are unexpected and simultaneously beautiful. The tensions between the American life and the opportunities that are accessible to minorities are empowering and incredibly real.  In the beginning of this year, I really wanted to start watching a show. One that I knew that I'd get lost in with characters that I'd fall in love with and a story that would complete

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