Burritos, Driving, and Change


I have officially been in England close to four months now, and with a new culture, people, and places-- comes with change. At the beginning of December, I have been thinking a lot about the things I've been missing. Things such as family, food, burritos, the ocean, driving, and the Bay Area-- its air, busy-ness, seafood, and morning fog. These are things that have stapled a place and time in my life. Currently, I don't have a car, a job, or the easy access to a large body of water,. *Cue How Far I'll Go From "Moana"*

It's a strange feeling missing things, but knowing completely that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. There is a deep yearning to want to take my family and those who have invested in me from the US to Leicester and introduce you to Chroma Church and the people that I've been able to know these past few months-- and I can't believe its only been a few months!! It makes me think of how many more people I'm going to be able to meet that I haven't yet met.

There are some days that I'll look at pictures and think about my friends and family. Standing with them at the given time and place when the photo or video was taken. I know that I'll get to see them again, but I've allowed myself to simply miss them. 

As much as I've missed things, people, and places, I've let myself feel them-- to feel the difference and change of the season that I'm currently in and because of this, I'm doing a lot better. I have learned a lot with making sure that I'm aware of how I feel, yet I try not to let it dictate my life. Feelings are tools and they are real, but the extent in which I let them control me is a place that I lay at the foot of the cross very often.  

I'm learning this beautiful tension of living and pressing into the yes that I've given to a time and place and realize it's a part of being human-- to accept that things change, which makes me incredibly grateful for new experiences, meeting new people and becoming a better version of myself. I thank God for loving me so much that He doesn't want to keep me where I am. As much as things can change, I lay down any and all control-- yes, He gives us the option to accept or deny things in our life because it's a relationship, but to be moved by love and obedience to the Lord of lords is how I want to live my life. Overall, I am grateful and I wouldn't want it any other way to be here in England with the people that I get to be here with. I pray that the Lord reveals Himself to you in every season of your life. 

Much Love,



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