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Why I Write


I think this might have been the second or third time I've tried to resurrect this blog. I started this one specifically during my first year at University and I decided it needed a new look. 

One of my favorite things about rereading some of the old blogposts I have written is getting to see my thought process at the age in which I wrote them. It's a cool thought that I get to go back and read what I was like during different ages. There are a few misspelled words and syntax structures that I want to change, but since it's already out there for people to see and a personal time capsule-- it's probably better that I keep it the way that it is. 

I'm 29 now and I'm currently doing a Master's in Creative Writing at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, England. It's actually a dream come true to actually get to write that out. 

So, by extension of wanting to resurrect this blog, give it an even newer look-- I want to make sure I do little updates and thoughts I want to share on this platform. This is possibly the shortest piece I've written, but I hope, nonetheless, that you'd like to come along on the ride. 



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