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The Lives We Hold

Leicester, UK


This past week, my Third Year team and I got to go to Birmingham for an evangelic intensive training, which was taking place at Chroma Church Birmingham. I got to meet so many new people and I learned how to proactively share the Gospel, which ended with going out in pairs within the Birmingham city center. On my third night away from Leicester, I was brushing my teeth and I thought about Chroma and the people that are currently living in Leicester. While getting ready for bed, I had a wave hit me. I miss Leicester. I miss the my bed, the house, and the people there. Being able to go to Birmingham was a so much fun and the people that I got to meet there was a gift, but I think I was faced with how much of a home Chroma and the people are have been. When we got back to Leicester and went to church on Sunday, I LEGIT started crying (Of course)! 

Then a thought crossed my mind. If the Lord hadn't put me on a plane in order to meet and interact with the lives here, I would never have known that these lives existed. What an honor it is to know and behold these lives. One of the things that I learned while at First Year that my Revival Group Pastor, Jeremy Gonzales, said was, "What you carry, everyone needs and what everyone else carries, you need." We are all deeply important and significant to God and the advancement of His Kingdom. 

I have to admit that some of the reasons I'm here is (yes because of the Lord), but it's also because of BSSM, my parents, friends and mentors. I think about how hard it was to make the decision to redo 2nd Year of BSSM. The moments when I was kneeling on the ground in the Bethel sanctuary crying out for the Lord to change my circumstances-- yet still knowing and believing that He is so worthy of adoration and praise. He is worthy of every YES. Even what I don't feel like it-- even when I don't see it! He is WORTHY! When my heart whispers or roars for the Lord, He is always willing and ready to show up. I think of these moments and I am moved by the King. He has given me a gift, a gift of freedom, love, and joy! He has given me a place and people that I get to run with-- to go after love

My heart and soul is moved by the Lord of lords! The Prince of Peace! He is a God that is alive and moving. Dear reader, if you just found this blogpost and have not made a decision to live your life as a follower of Jesus-- I invite you to make a decision, which is the best decision of your life. Your life is full of purpose and calling. You are made to host the Holy Spirit-- filled with passions and talents created with intention and love. 

If you want to make a decision to follow Jesus, please send me a message on any of my social media platforms and I want to pray for you.

With All That I am,



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