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Even the Stars Know Our Story: A Poem

The first few chords
changed my perspective.
I drove on the freeway
the moon joined in 
called shotgun and
leaned against the passenger door
pressing its forehead 
letting the cold glass window
numbing itself to life.

Orion pulled open the back door
hopped into the backseat.
Saturn didn't mind sitting in the middle
and Zenith took the last free seat. 

We told each other stories
promising not to hurt each other
driving for hours
recalling lives that walked the ground
Broken hearts
hope ignited
and wishes unfulfilled

Until finally
our ears were captivated by the melody 
the came from the dashboard--
I built up speed
slapped by shadows 
of light posts
Lulling us awake

Words of past lives
filled our hearts
Moments that we witnessed
unified by clear skies
late nights and 
cold winters. 

still and quiet
moments undisturbed
only by the numbers 
that measured 
minutes of the night.
Until Sun called us home.


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