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1st Year Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Above: My Revival Group (RG), who I love dearly! These are the men and women who are capable of changing the world and bringing God's love wherever they go.


There is a lot that happened during my 1st Year at BSSM, but to illustrate it the best as I can, I would describe it as going in deep waters and wanting to go in deeper way over my head while wanting to go deeper still. When I first got to BSSM, I didn't know what I was doing-- all I knew was that I needed to be there and see-- I had to see and run after God because I was missing something! 

I believed things about myself that Jesus said wasn't true. I told my heart things that became its identity. I convinced myself that I wasn't worth it. I hated myself and wanted to throw everything I was away. I screamed when no one was listening and I smiled when everyone was. I hid because it was easier. My face was flat on the floor because that was all that I wanted to see. I wanted to melt away-- blaming myself for the reasons why things went the way they did. He saw me lay in the dirt convincing myself that it was comfortable and safe. And do you know what He did?

He laid there next to me trying to get my attention. He whispered in my ear and told me to look at Him. I turned my face confronted by shame and guilt-- yet He stayed and waited. Until finally, I turned towards Him and He looked me in the eyes and said I'm here and I always have been. I cried and cried saying that I was done with it all. 

He responds saying, All I want is to be is where you are and I feel all that you are feeling. This isn't what I intended for you. Can I show you what I intended for you? He took hold of my face and I realized that for as long as I stayed laying on the ground, my muscles were weak. I realized that I hadn't stood up in a long time, but there was revival and life! All I did was lock eyes with Him and I couldn't look away. 

Throughout this process, I ran with men and women, who were eager and ready to experience more of Jesus as a community with each other and for each other! I encountered the living and breathing God. As a class, we learned how to foster Kingdom within us and allow the Holly Spirit to move through us. We practiced the prophetic, danced for our King, released joy, and let go of all that we thought we needed because He was the answer. He saved me from myself. I think back on this sweet and tender time dedicated to going in deep-- deeper than I ever have with the Holy Spirit. To know and see who Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit is more than I could be thankful for. He is so powerful, full of majesty, and bigger than I could know! He desires for us to go from Glory to Glory! He has so much in store and I want to go in even deeper still. 

I am so excited to share that I have officially been accepted to the 2nd Year Program for Bethel of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). 2nd Year is an ministry application to all that we've learned in 1st Year and I am so excited to live out the things that God has in store. During a class session in 1st Year, the Dean of 2nd Year, Gabe Valenzuela came to talk about the 2nd Year Program, as well as allowing two 2nd Years to talk about their experiences. A phrase that one of the 2nd Year's said was, 
1st Year is what you needed and 2nd Year is what you came here for. 
I want to run towards what I came here for! Being able to go on missions to the Philippines for two weeks allowed me to see and draw out all that the Holy Spirit was doing inside of me. Yet, getting to sit an unravel in His presence throughout 1st Year was intense, messy, and beautiful. To apply what I've been learning in 1st Year is an incredible experience that I can't imagine what else God will draw out in me for 2nd Year! 

Bethel's mission is Kingdom and going after His people is what He wants to partner with us. Throughout 1st Year, we learned how to be and bring revival into culture by cultivating it! We, as Children of the living God have authority and power through the Holy Spirit to bring breakthrough of the love of a Father. I am thankful for everyone who has poured into me in every capacity to which I am endlessly thankful.

This is my lovely Small Group.

In each Revival group, we are put into groups of five in order to create connection and community. The way we all connected was so powerful and real that a wave of the Holy Spirit came over us and it felt like our spirits were knitted together. It was an experience of knowing that growth, vulnerability, and love was accessible in this group of women and I am incredibly grateful for them. 

The INCREASE Testimonies Team/ Picture Credit: Katie Mick Photography

Each BSSM Student was required to sign up for community service and I applied to a ministry with Bethel Church called INCREASE Testimonies, where I got to WRITE, which will be put into a book (Publishing date TBD)! We had meetings every Thursday morning at 8AM, discussing plans, interviews, and task that each person had for that day. I interviewed people who wanted to share their testimonies and wrote them in narrative, which carried hope, breakthrough, and the power of the Holy Spirit! I am so humbled and grateful to have gotten to be surrounded by these creatives.

My graduation with the Lead Pastor for Bethel Church, Bill Johnson. When he speaks, his thoughts are deeply marinated in his quiet place with the Holy Spirit. So much truth and wisdom comes from this man. 

To see tangible and incredible change in the people that I call friends-- FAMILY-- is for the advancement of God's Kingdom is a marvel to witness. Being able to participate in this requires a $500 deposit in order to reserve my spot in school, which is due July 16, and a total of  $5250 for the entire academic year. $2000 is due by August 31st and depending how much I have left will be paid off in payment plans. 

One of the things that I learned is that God provides. I can stand on the foundation that two months ago, God provided and in two months from now I can say the same thing. He is provider and He always comes on time. I ask that you please partner with me in helping me reserve my spot in school, as well as cover me in financial blessings for tuition or prayer because I can't do this without help. Jesus is moving and I am so excited to see the ways He is going to move. If you feel led to donate, please follow the link below! I am so eager to go after this new journey and I hope you could sow into me!

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