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Redding, CA.

You started taking over.
Spaces I spent hours running through words and
energy highs.

You stood and sat--
filled your voice in these places
Even the walls and over dated floors held onto the vibrations
that left your mouth

there were others in the heated well
the same well where I saw the universe

I thought I knew this place so well.
I despised and
disassociated myself
I did not want to know nor
Acknowledge that this place held

Yet, I declared dominance!
As if protecting what I have left of it
For my own sanity.

this place.
helped break my heart
help shape my mind, and
brought to light diversity
old traditions-- color and skin.

What would it look like if I turned the dial
the old and new
playing back simultaneously
Timelines collapsing
Both present
at different times
in the same place
Unfolding in my mind

If I knew you would be there
a year later
would I have stayed
would have I waited
and waiting.

I saw you standing on rocks that required
different attire.
Seasons changing with the white on the mountain
Terrain that marked different seasons of the year
Yet were there on the same day
seeing the ghost that
walked the same trails
swam the same lakes
sat in the same chairs

You began to fill your presence in places and moments that once
took hold of me.
invaded and overtaken.

It is as if you knew these places
taking recon.
You scouted the area.
Rallied your troops
And took these places for your own.
developed behind the lens of my own memory
turning into the reclaiming of your own experience.
You are making these places new--

As if Jesus wanted to redeem parts of my own body
Parts of my own mind
Because He knows how important that'd be to me.


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