Because Writing

I have to admit, this has been well overdue and I find myself needing to do things that I enjoy doing-- writing being one of those things. Maybe I'll explain what writing means to me more so for my own sake than you, dear reader, so that I can see these words written-- or should I say-- typed out. Anyways, I feel the need to write about writing. 

This makes me think of one of my university friends while I was studying English. There lives a mutual connection and understanding of having to write papers, reading texts, and talking about said texts that bonds us, so my friend would say, "We bleed ink." This is the life of a writer and it also makes me laugh because it's true and it was coming from my friend, who I miss very much. 

I do believe that "bleeding ink" is an expression of what stories, words, and world perspectives live inside of us and a life as a writer let's it all out on paper... or screen... in order to share it-- a collective experience that allows others to be a part of, which I think is why I enjoy it so much. What also comes to mind is that I was shy growing up and writing was my source of expressing myself and letting people in on what I was thinking. Reading was also a contributing factor. 

I was inspired by the way authors-- writers-- were able to start a story. In only a single paragraph, they were able to set up and share a world. Imagination a platform for people to connect and I believe it is a powerful thing. Creating stories is easy for me. Imagining these worlds are easy for me and reading is a place of escape; an opportunity to visit and explore these worlds that I would/ could never have imagined if it were not for these writers. To some extent, authors opened up themselves to these worlds that they have created so that others can be a part of it. 

Writing is a platform for the imagination to explore and build creatively, as well as a point of connection. Writing helps me process and find stories that I didn't know were there. Writing helps clear my mind and right when I get lost in writing a story, I forget where I am. Writing is a place where I know anything can happen and it allows my heart to step into what I was made for.

I am a writer and it's hard to confess, but I have to do it more often. If you've read this far, thank you for reading and being a part of the process. 

Much Love,



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