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I Sat Watching Stories

I sat watching stories
Knowing those were the same seats I sat in
A moment of innocence
Of a fast-beating heart
Unaware of the reality that comes after

Faster than realizing I wasn't ready
A booth filled of expectations
Gazes held for too long
And a soul
Later cut and gutted
Out on the table

Laying out right next to yours
Afraid of the exposure
The dim overhead light
Staying alive-- Our souls
Dented and bruised

We sat too close
Letting others join into our space
Carrying the parts of us that
Was closed off to the rest of them

Midnights collected in ink
Into the slippery ditches of my own mind
Sweet memories.

Deep baritones
Bringing comfort to my ears
The same ears that would soon
Turn against me.

Listening to the lies
That I should be
Someone else.

Holding onto the past
Who you came with
That I got too close
Naive and blind

Stepping into the light
Remembering to love myself again.


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