His Dreams Are My Dreams

A few weeks ago, I was able to talk to my Daddia (I call my dad: Daddia) on FaceTime. I got to the Civic Auditorium in Redding earlier than usual and I thought to call my Dad while I ate my lunch. I sat in my car listening to him talk to me about his day and how his work is going, which I found out was on strike, which also means that he is not working as much as usual.

I began to tell him how much I love him and being so grateful for the sacrifices that he and my Mommia made everyday, even when I was a little girl. Knowing how little money we had, my parents still made sure that we always lived in a home, provided food on the table, and when it came to it presents under the Christmas tree. I started crying as I talked to my dad because the love I have for my parents was so great, all I could do was cry. Every time I think or talk about my dad I want to weep because he works so hard. For years--even before I was born-- my dad has always worked two jobs and when he wasn't working, he was doing something to fix the house. Now that he was down to one and a half jobs (the half being on strike), he says that he's going to drive for Uber and send packages for Amazon. He is relentless.

I began to think that I, as a college graduate, could be there at home in the Bay Area helping my family financially, where minimum wage is $15 in the Bay! I wanted to cry and began asking God for help. I'm currently sending my parents as much as I can give them. I tell my Daddia that I wish I could be there with them, but he tells me that me being in Redding and doing BSSM is what our family needs, which made me cry even more. He continued saying that his dreams are my dreams. I love my Daddia very much that I am so thankful for how hardworking, selfless, and incredibly kind he is.

Later that day, during worship in Main Session for BSSM, I thought back to the conversation with my Daddia on FaceTime and started thanking Jesus for giving me my family. My mind brought up an image of my Daddia while I talked to him on FaceTime and I began to think how tired he looked. I started crying again (my mascara was GONE by this point) and I was reminded by the Holy Spirit about a time in the beginning of BSSM that our Yes to being here-- in this school-- has a sacrifice and that God was going to honor that sacrifice. That sacrifice is my family.

I began to think and pray for my family that I spoke to the Holy Spirit saying I want my Daddia to meet my future husband. I started crying because I also thought that because my dad is getting old and when Jesus takes my dad home (I'm crying as I write this); my Daddia would be able to meet my future husband and know that I am being taken cared of.  As I stood during worship, I started weeping and I was reassured by the Holy Spirit that He knows and sees the desire of my heart. I will wait for my future husband knowing that God is going to bring His best. A man that will intentionally pursue and run alongside me exploring and running deeper into all that Jesus is! After this encounter, I am in no rush to get a boyfriend, but my posture remains in a place of running towards Jesus, peaceful in who He is, and keeping my eyes focused on Him because everything else will come from Him and I rather that than anything else.

With Love,


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