About Me


Age: 27

Currently Living: Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Hometown: Da BAY, California
(Richmond, CA)

Creative Advocate, Student, and
Full-time dreamer

My name is MariaJackylene, but you can call me MJ. I am 27 years old, an alum from Simpson University where I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. I am a Christian, woman, helpless romantic, and writer. A dream of mine is to become an author and using blogger as a platform to write out my adventures and experiences seems to be a good start to me. This is my second blog, which I started a few months before graduating from Simpson in 2018. My previous blog was called Adventures, Mind Tangents, and the Stuff In-Between, which I have reluctantly attached a link here for your amusement. I've had said blog after graduating high school in 2013, and there are a few embarrassing, but fun and funny things that I wrote about. Nonetheless, I would consider myself a passionate writer. 

Writing for me is a way to express myself, it's a way for communication that gives imagination a platform to blossom. C.S. Lewis inspired me to want to become an author and an English major because while he wrote The Chronicles of Narnia, he was still able to dream despite the war that was taking place. I have also written an in depth blog about why I want to become an author if you'd like to read that, which I published on my first blog. :) 

Now, with Dear Tizaporah, I feel that I have grown and wanted to start fresh. I hope you enjoy reading about my life through prose, poetry, and creative writing. If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment and I'll get back to you ASAP!



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