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The following is a post that I wrote about a year ago for a blog site that I started four years prier and in many of these posts that I've written, I realize how boy-crazy I may sound and this is no exception. I do, however, find my old blog posts a lot of fun to read and as I reread a lot of them, I can't help, but laugh at myself. Because I went to see Harry in concert a couple of days ago in Sacramento, which I will write about at a later time, I wanted to post this now. I decided to do a "disclaimer" because I'd like to say that my writing has grown since I've written this post, but due to the desire to keep the way in which I had written this originally, aside from minor grammar mistakes, I wanted to publish this untouched by the now slightly embarrassed and older Jacky. I hope you enjoy and laugh just as much as I did.

For those of you who do not know already, I am a Directioner. And for those of you who do not know what a "Directioner" is, it is a person who is a fan of the famous boy band, One Direction. While I was scrolling through my YouTube subscription feed (when I was supposed to be doing homework), I found a video entitled, "Harry Styles-- Sign of the Times (Live on SNL)" to which I clicked on without hesitation. My first thoughts were along the lines of: I'm so excited to see this, I'm so proud of him that he finally released a song, and I miss him so much (All of which I thought simultaneously)

The moment he opened his mouth to sing, HIS VOICE is just as sweet as I remember. I got chills from the mellow tone and from the excitement that it was H.A.R.R.Y. STYLES! Through all the years and practice he's had perfecting and growing in what his voice can do, was heard and seen throughout the entire song, yet I couldn't help, but think how lonely he looked.

Being a Directioner, I am conditioned to seeing Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Loius Tomlinson together on screen or on stage because it's what they did (I went to their On the Road Again Tour 2015 at Levi Stadium, which you could read my experience here). They performed together, they toured, sang, cried, goofed around, and did life together for the past 8 years. I am so conditioned to seeing him with his friends-- his brothers-- on stage. Although, I could see that he was the same Harry that I've perceived from videos, interviews, and things that he does on stage; it seems weird seeing him by himself. Not to say that I know him completely and have created these assumptions about him through social media, but to be completely honest, in many of the interviews/ posts that he would post/be in, there remains a presence of authenticity. Who can know a person just from the way media projects a person to be. But I think that was one of the most captivating things about One Directions-- my fellow Directioners would understand! In interviews, tweets, and real life meet-ups people have realized there is a great authentic aspect to One Direction-- to each person in the band.

Harry, being one of the last members to assert himself back into the public sphere, came out with a song entitled, "Sign of the Times," on April 7th, 2017. Not only was he the last to release new music, but he is the first out of the One Direction group to release a self-titled album, which is set to drop on May 12, 2017.

I've attached the video of his performance on Saturday Night Live, so that you, too, could watch it for yourself and I promise that this new version of Harry-- although the same person, yet new-- will not disappoint.

The original video of his performance from SNL has been deleted from YouTube, so I will attach another live performance of the same song, which is just as good.

When his album dropped, I was taken aback; shocked and captivated by the music and lyrics in which Harry has now presented himself. Now having listened to it for three weeks, I can't take enough of it. Listening to the work and experiences in which he has been able to express in such an incredibly beautiful and vulnerable way is a pleasure to listen to. I also have attached his album to which your ears may enjoy! And if you keep scrolling, I have also added the playlist of a whole weeks worth of video content when Harry was promoting his new album on the Late Late Show with James Corden!

Thank you so much for reading!

-Jacky <3


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