Have you ever met someone and
Just like living
Just like breathing
Just like dreaming

It's natural.
You find yourself far from reality that the stars
Become your home.

An interaction that folds out on itself
The connection is simultaneous
A combustion of color and light--
Because it never needed any thought.
And before the hour was up, you think, but we
just sat down.

Sometimes-- all the time-- I tell myself to feel
all that you can
Because  what's a more terrible feeling than missing out on an opportunity to fall.
And feel.
Right off an android and into space
Feel with all that you can because it is beautiful
and it reminds us we are alive--

You are reminded that you cannot breath in space.
When gravity loves you more than yourself,
it pulls you back to earth.
Hoping to take hold of his hand
You only catch air.

No, it's not that he doesn't like you
It's just that he's into someone else.

Debuts on his socials
Prepping for a date night and a woman
Wrapped around his arm

His eyes deep and cryptic is staring at the face
Of a woman that isn't you.

Find yourself Falling into a pit.
Comforting because you'd been there so many
Times before.
An endless cycle
Reminded of the tears and prayers you lifted to God
Here you find yourself.

Another man who's eyes and mind
Look and think in someone else's direction.

You sit there.
Your knees to you chest.
Waiting for God to lift you up again.

And just when you thought you were on your way
Back to the stars
You fall.


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