Vision for the Fully Woman Series

During a drive to Sacramento a few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me a question, which was, "When was the moment you realized that you were a woman?" This made me reflect and think about different moments in my life-- moments when I started to second guess or even reconsider that I was, indeed, a woman. Now, I don't mean I suddenly was in the revelation that I had all the physical attributes of what constituted me to be female. I was more so wrapping my mind around the thought that I was no longer a girl, but that I am growing with my body. I'm seeing changes and understaning that I am stepping into another level of womanhood. I was inspired by this question that I began to wonder what it would be like if other women were to answer this same question.

My Vision for this series is to empower the collective journey it can take to step into womanhood. I have by no means reached the full epitome of what it means to be a woman, but I think creating conversation and insight to different journeys for different women from various backgrounds, age groups, and walks of life would be an interesting and fun way to start. I also hope to invite men into the conversation, too. As much as we can talk about equality, womanhood, and what it means, we need to invite the other half of the population. 

I hope this series connects women together in seeing the potential and beauty in figuring things out. I hope this is an opportunity to reflect on their lives as well as your own and to think of a moment or a collection of moments that being a woman is beautiful, empowering, different, and in some ways similar. So, as you read and explore the stories of the women I have featured in these series, please connect and encourage them! The women that I feature on my blog are by no means to define or constrain a woman's journey in stepping into womanhood, but a creative outlet to figuring it out together. 

I am passionate about a world impacted by who God has called us to be and when we realize that men and women need each other, I fully believe it would be a different world. These stories are a handful of women, who inspire me in going after the heart and identity of being a woman and what that could mean. I hope you learn and grow with us as we walk into who God has called us to be.



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