To the Man with Luscious Hair, Joyful Face, and Freedom Written All Over Him

To the Man with Luscious Hair, Joyful Face, and Freedom Written All Over Him,

God is doing a great work in you. He calls you so close to Him and He loves you! Oh my GOODNESS-- how He loves you! Jesus smiles and marvels in delight and celebrates that he gets to live inside of you. You are His dwelling place. There are so many intricate ways in which you have seen God's face, yet there is so much more to explore. He beckons you to come close and see! He wants you to come close and see!

He wants to heal the parts of you that you did not know needed healing, but as you live out life, He is holding onto your hand and He will never let go. Your passion for the Lord burns so brightly. God yells, "THAT IS MY SON!" with a voice that resounds! Echoing throughout time marinated in truth, love, and adoration for you. You are so pure.

You are worthy of respect and attention. I think you've had your heart broken before and you are scared to trust again. I am sorry-- so sorry-- that you had to go through that and I can only imagine how much it hurt, but God is calling you to trust Him. He is asking you to trust.

God made you for a purpose. Your life has purpose. And you are made with so much intention. Everything about you has been divinely woven together so that His kingdom can influence, impact, and expand hearts. He loves you. WOW! He loves you.

God is asking that you can trust Him. You can lay down your walls. You can be all that you are. Complete freedom. He will not call you names. He will not abandon, reject, or shame you. You can trust Him. He will take all that you are. He will take the mistakes and successes; sadness and joy; frustration and anger; tears and laughter. He is a place where you can be-- unfiltered and in its purists form: YOU.

I am so excited-- so incredibly captivated by what God has, will and is doing in you. And I want to be a part of it. Is that selfish of me to say? I want to witness first-hand the change and radical atmosphere that God is planting inside of you. The grace and power of the Lord is so heavy on your heart, mind, and soul. Know that you have my support. I am championing you to go farther than you ever had with God right next to you because He will never leave you. 

Girl from 2nd Heaven

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