Have you ever met someone and
Just like living
Just like breathing
Just like dreaming

It's natural.
You find yourself far from reality that the stars
Become your home.

An interaction that folds out on itself
The connection is simultaneous
A combustion of color and light--
Because it never needed any thought.
And before the hour was up, you think, but we
just sat down.

Sometimes-- all the time-- I tell myself to feel
all that you can
Because  what's a more terrible feeling than missing out on an opportunity to fall.
And feel.
Right off an android and into space
Feel with all that you can because it is beautiful
and it reminds us we are alive--

You are reminded that you cannot breath in space.
When gravity loves you more than yourself,
it pulls you back to earth.
Hoping to take hold of his hand
You only catch air.

No, it's not that he doesn't like you
It's just that he's into someone else.

Debuts on his socials
Prepping for a date night and a woman
Wrapped around his arm

His eyes deep and cryptic is staring at the face
Of a woman that isn't you.

Find yourself Falling into a pit.
Comforting because you'd been there so many
Times before.
An endless cycle
Reminded of the tears and prayers you lifted to God
Here you find yourself.

Another man who's eyes and mind
Look and think in someone else's direction.

You sit there.
Your knees to you chest.
Waiting for God to lift you up again.

And just when you thought you were on your way
Back to the stars
You fall.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM)


Hello! If you do not yet know, earlier this month, I was accepted into First Year's Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), which starts in late August of this year! I am so excited to start this program as I have heard that God does so much work within the lives of everyone that has experienced this ministry school. As I wrap up my undergraduate career, here, at Simpson University, I have a desire to grow spiritually and see where God takes me.

If you do not know what BSSM is, it is a ministry school where students can experience the radical presence of God and the call that He has for our lives. My greatest desire and passion that has led me to apply to BSSM is the experience to know and feel God in a different and profound way. Throughout the application process, I thought about my spiritual journey at Simpson and, although Simpson is a private Christian university, there was a greater emphasis on studying our respective major, which, for me, was English. I did have to take Bible courses, which created a platform in which propelled my relationship with Christ, but there was so much more about God that I want to discover. I feel that BSSM is a great place in which I can experience that. Not to say that I cannot find Christ outside of BSSM, but there is a deep desire within me to explore and see what BSSM holds. 

BSSM comes with a cost and I would like to ask you to partner with me, whether that is in prayer or financially. If you would like to support me financially, you can follow the link to my BSSM donation page. If you have any questions and/or are interested in receiving a letter from me, please message me on any of my social media platforms with your name and address! Please play for me as I close my time here at Simpson and graduate on April 28th!! (YAYYY!!) Also, pray that I can find a job and that my time leading up to BSSM continues to be a time that God is working! 

I want to thank you for investing the time to read this and joining me on this journey. I plan on using this blogging site as a platform for my adventures, experiences, and, of course, BSSM. If you would like more information on what BSSM is, please visit their website here and below, you can watch the Promo video for BSSM. My hope and desire is that God continues to use me and attending BSSM this fall is a place that I deeply feel that I am led to go. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am saying YES! <3
Thank you so much for reading!


Yosemite National Park


During the second half of my Spring Break, I had to opportunity to go to Yosemite National Park for the very first time! I've never been to Yosemite and when one of my closest friends, (Re)Becca, suggested that we go during Spring Break, I did not hesitate to agree. Our plan was to meet up on the weekend before coming back to Simpson and spend an entire Saturday in the park. Yosemite has been a place that I have wanted to go to for a really long time that I was so excited for the day to come! After planning and confirming all of the details for the trip, Garrett, Becca, and I were going to spend our last weekend of Spring Break in Yosemite!

So on the second half of Spring Break, we met up in a town called Oakdale, CA, which was a two hour drive east of the Bay Area. Oakdale was also the place where we got an Airbnb, which was so nice and only two hours outside of Yosemite Park.

We woke up the next morning, at 5 and were on the road!
The first hike we went to was Vernal Falls and that was no joke! It was a three mile hike, which had gradual incline and steps. This was a challenge for me because it was the most exercise that I've done in a few weeks. But once we got to the top, it was so worth it! 

Becca and Garrett are two incredible people and I couldn't have imagined going to Yosemite to experience all that it had to offer with another group of people. They both have such incredible passions and talents that I find myself filled with so much joy and amazement. Jesus continues to highlight the complexity and His intentional creations.

Now back at Simpson preparing for graduation and finishing major assignments, I find myself wanting to go back to these moments. I felt like it was such a magical place and getting to experience Yosemite with Becca and Garrett is something I will never forget. 

Thank you so much for reading!
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