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First Blog Post


Thank you so much for visiting my blog! If you are aware of my previous work, I had a different blog by the name of "Adventures, Mind Tangents, and the Stuff In Between," which was started when I was in high school and after rereading some of the posts I had written, I laughed at myself and began to reflect. I thought, after years of posting various topics and obsessions, starting a new blog was on my heart and, I guess, creating a new platform for other topics and intentions was something that I really wanted to do. 

April is almost here and with that less than a week from the end of March and all I can think about is how fast time is traveling. I will be graduating from Simpson University soon, and new opportunities and adventures are only four weeks away. OMG, only four weeks!!  Graduation is going to come by quick! I hope to use this platform in order to exercise my writing abilities, as well as have more posts to laugh at in the future. So enjoy with me my mental and emotional growth as a writer!

Much Love, 


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