Fully Woman | A Series: Part 3- Michelle Mbok

Michelle Mbok graduated from Simpson University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and has done exemplary work with both the Mayor of Redding and a semester abroad in Washington DC working professionally with a civil rights lawyer. She has a heart passionate for people and she has been an asset in my life! She carries wisdom, authority, and fun that I am always blessed and at peace whenever I get to talk to her. She knows who she is and loves God so greatly, which inspires me to want to go after God's face in every single moment I can get! She is a woman of faith and has witness countless miracles. Despite what she sees in front of her, she is quick to look at the face of Jesus and her voice embodies the quiet place that she's coveted with God. It is a great privilege to have her featured on my blog! Below is her story on the moment when she realized that she was a woman!


When did I realize I was a woman? I think I have always known that I was a woman, however, I didn't fully understand that I was a woman until I started to live a consecrated life. What do I mean by that? I am glad you asked! Follow me as I unpack what I mean by "I didn't fully understand that I was a woman until real consecration unto the Lord."

Born in America and raised in different parts of the world for the past 30 years, my life manifested a series of events that brought confusion in my femininity, especially during my teenage years. I grew up noticing patterns of dysfunction in certain communities. Men objectifying woman and women not valuing themselves enough. My teenage years were filled with experiences! A few of those that marked my life that I can remember are seeing women engaging in prostitution, selling their bodies in exchanges for money; men calling women names and using them for their own advantages. 

Although I have never engaged in prostitution nor have I ever been objectified by a man, these experiences impacted my subconscious and created in me confusing messages such as men are dogs and women are less than. You see I knew by head knowledge that I carried the attributes of a female however, I was confused about my identity as a woman! Were women just supposed to have sex with men and have babies? Were women supposed to be inferior than men? Were women supposed to be whatever they wore? You name it...

Fast forward to my young adult years, when I truly encountered love, that Father's love. My journey of real life transformation began in 2014, in Cape Town, South Africa. The more I surrendered to God's invitation of real love, the more I learned about God's intent for creation. It was in 2014, that I understood God's intent for my life. I became aware that my life had a purpose and that purpose is to represent God in whatever domain or capacity He's destined for me to do so. I spent the entire year of 2014, unpacking layers of confusion that I carried from my childhood as well as letting go of bad patterns and wrong beliefs toward my femininity. 

Then I got real hungry! I wanted more of that discovery! In 2015, I moved to Redding, California, to attend a ministry school. I didn't really know why I was going there, but I knew that God was moving in my life and He was calling me to experience more of Him. Throughout my three year journey of attending ministry school, I received healing from past hurts, gained understanding of who I was as a child of God, and I grew in my appreciation of being a woman called by God to lead. Three years later, there was no more confusion in my identity. I knew I was a woman, designed by a perfect God. I knew I was born to create, to lead and to empower. I knew I was born to be a partner, not a slave to a man. I knew I was significant. 

Does this mean I am perfect now? No! It means that I gained clarity on my identity-- I am no longer confused! My life has been completely transformed. Now I live with the foundational truth that I was created as a woman for creative purpose. I am not limited to my gender. The only limits I have are the limits I place on myself. I am a beautiful woman, full of creative expressions, diversity, and wonder. There is so much I can do as a woman.

I am not limited by what a man says; I am not limited by what society says. I am free. I am ME! I am a strong and powerful, yet meek and kind woman. All of these discoveries fueled by love have given a platform to stand on, which is called identity. My identity is not in what I wear, who I am with, what others say about me, or what I do. It's in who I am-- who God has created me to be. 

This is the journey I am on and I thrive there because I know the real voice that really matters. I hope you know or find that voice too! I hope you find encouragement through my journey of embracing my identity as a woman. I pray you receive whatever you need from this season. You are VALUABLE! 

Much Love Girl,


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