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Dear Summer: Part 2

Dear Summer,

I can't believe it. You're leaving soon and I want to thank you for the time that we got to spend together. You were very nice and thoughtful. I enjoyed the days when you let it rain despite the extreme heat and there were more days this year when your skies were covered in clouds, which is one of my favorite things. I mostly enjoyed when I got to run in the morning before your heat gave way later in the day. I have to admit that at the beginning, we were still trying to figure out how to start this friendship back up again and I have to say that I'm really proud of us. And it was fun and nice trying to figure this out. You were there for me when I was awkward and embarrassed myself-- moments that you know very much about. And you let me cry if I needed to and you let my heart break just a little, but you never failed to remind me of all that I've learned this year. You reminded me of my worth and that I am a daughter of a King, who pursues and loves.

There was a moment in the beginning when I didn't understand what was happening because I was so worried about having a summer that was going to repeat itself, but we both refused that that was going to happen. I got to enjoy your warm nights and sit in air-conditioned places during the day, but I made sure to keep my blinds open. It interesting when transitioning into a different place because getting schedules down can be a process and it. Was. A. Process. But you were there and we spent it under the stars with people that care. You showed me a different side to Redding that I've never experienced before and because of you, I have a deeper appreciation for this place.

I loved getting to start New Girl, Designated Survivor, and binge watch movies on the weekends with you. I loved that I got to live with five beautiful world-changers over the summer. I loved getting to drive later in the day with all my windows down and know that I belong here. Do you remember that pocket of time when I was so enthralled with that boy? Hmmm. That taught me something about myself, too. As much as secondary circumstances played a part of the summer, you were always there to listen. I learned that I have a deep heart to connect with people and without it, I can go a little crazy. But we learned how to navigate that just by going to the source of the problem in which can move mountains and change atmospheres.

There were a few bad days, but as much as I don't want to believe in bad days because it's the attitude of the person that can determine if it's a bad day or not; you told me that it's okay that have a bad day because tomorrow will be better. There were some days that I felt like I was losing people that were very close to me, but I think we both know that friendships change and grow, but they'll always be there.

I have to say that I loved that your heat was mild and since you know that I'm from the Bay, I love cold weather and, although, you could never get that cold, considering that you went as hot as 105 Degrees, was a blessing, which makes it very special. As I think back on all that things that happened these past four months, I realize that I'm going to miss you... a lot. I'm going to miss the Monday movies and game nights at Gatehouse. I'm going to miss the five people that I've gotten to live, learn, and run with, and I'm going to miss getting to go home to the Bay almost every weekend. But my heart and mind resounds with thankfulness.

Thank you for being kind and understanding. Thank you for being patient and graceful. Thank you for working with me on this friendship. Needless to say, I can't wait for the next time I'll see you because I expect stories of the places you've traveled to and the people you've met. For the last few weeks that I have left with you, pray to God that Tuition for 2nd Year at BSSM will get paid off and that God will cover the old and new friendships that I make at Simpson and BSSM. Considering how the first few weeks of students (both Simpson and BSSM) have come back to Redding, I'm excited to see where the rest of the year will go, which I think will flourish and bring life. Thank you, Summer, for more than what I could have ever imagined.

With Love,


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